AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires)

AEC is a European cultural and educational network that represents institutions concerned with high level training for the music profession. AEC was funded in 1953 and, now in it’s 7th decade of operation, has nearly 300 member institutions in 57 countries. Its memberships include international associate members in the USA, Canada, China, Korea, Japan and Australia. Previously based for many years in France and then in The Netherlands, in January 2013, AEC was recognized as an International Non-profit Association under Belgian law and now operates out of offices in Brussels. AEC works for the advancement of European higher music education and more generally, of music, the arts and culture in contemporary society and for future generations. It aims to be ‘the leading voice for European higher music education’ and a powerful advocate for all that is best in it throughout the world.

AEC sees the discipline of higher music education as combining a quest for excellence in three areas: artistic practice, learning and teaching and research and innovation. It addresses all three areas by providing support, information and expert advice; by engaging in advocacy and partnership-building at European and international levels; and by implementing measures to raise understanding and enhance standards of higher music education across the EHEA and beyond.