Manual on Shared Education

“It takes a village to raise a child” and it can be argued that it takes a network of higher education institutes to provide students with the best education they need, a network in which each of the partner HEIs fulfill a unique and essential place within a thematic learning community. 

It is not simple for quite a lot of HEIs to offer all educational settings to their students within their own learning community. By creating a (thematic) network of HEIs and cooperating through shared education, institutions can offer a variety of experiences and specific, supplemental programmes in other academies of the network, by making use of the Erasmus+ KA1 mobility programme for students.

In this process, there is also much to gain for other stakeholders involved: teachers widen their scope and network, and receive inspiring input from international colleagues, programme leaders get deeper insights in other practices and organizations and connect around practical everyday challenges and visionary perspectives from connected academies. The opportunities for learning in such a network are abundant, on all levels, including on institutional level.

Working Group 1 (partners and EOA members from Antwerp and Stockholm, and project partner AEC) described the opportunities and challenges of such an educational model and innovative institutional network in the Manual on Shared Education.

The manual contains the following perspectives with tips and tricks for setup and improvement:

  • 1 Curriculum design
  • 2 Student perspective
  • 3 Teacher perspective
  • 4 Design of modules
  • 5 Application process
  • 6 Learning from exchange
  • 7 Link curriculum – professional field

Chapter 6 of the manual describes the work of Working Group 3 and gives details on a specific teacher-student exchange model, using blended teaching activities on opera language teaching.

Our students actually tell you in a very engaging way why this work is relevant to them

Manual on Shared Education – promotional video

Below you can find the actual manual on shared education.


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