Model for Blended Teaching Activities on Opera Language Teaching

Intellectual Output 3 is a Model for Blended Teaching Activities for Opera Language Teaching. As language teaching in the main opera languages (in alphabetic order: English, French, German, Italian, Russian) is a regular activity in all opera education, this model focusses on Italian and Russian Launguage for Singers.  

It includes language speaking (reading, understanding, pronunciation) and language singing, which is very specific and complex. In the EOALAB the focus was on the extra possibility that native speakers / singers of all opera languages, available within the EOA, could offer to all partner academies, starting with pilot experimentation in two very different languages: Italian and Russian.  

In several steps, with trial and error, after surveys and in depth interviews, and with the testing in two Intensive Study Projects, a 5-day intensive study module to teach Italian and Russian to Singers, was created.  

This Model contains masterclass/ exchange as learning activities, for students and teachers together that can represent the ideal complement at an excellent level to the basic teaching of opera languages for singers in all music academies, through the exchange of specialized teachers and specific knowledge. It is also practical: you can find materials to use, from language exercises to speech lessons for Russian for Singers and Italian for Singers. Supplementary material, like interviews and surveys, leading to the creation of this model, serve as background information for the teacher who wants to understand the choices.  

The materials have been tested in two Learning Traning Teaching Activities during a Russian Week in Parma and an Italian Week in Riga. 

In the Manual on Shared Education (the Intellectual Output 1) in Chapter 6, p.64-88 you can also find an article and interviews about the Model for Blended Teaching Activities.


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