Next doors Antwerp

Date: 17-20 February 2020

Location: Antwerp

1 Short-term joint staff training event in relation (to WG1)

Result :
EOALAB held the LTT activity C1 for four days from 17 to 20 February 2020 at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, organized by WG1 and attended by 18 participants (please see the agenda in the annex). The project combined the activity with the “Next doors” festival. This is a week of student-centered, interdisciplinary activities, which strongly relates to methods and topics of EOALAB. The LTT event consisted for four days of workshops, discussions and activities around shared education. At the core lay twelve 2-hour discussions, structured into six parallel sessions. Discussions were led by partner institution’s teachers and centered around the shared education model, consequences and best practices. Results will be reflected in the IO of WG1.

Programme: View here(list of projects) & here(schedule)