Russian Week Parma

ISP 4: Russian week

Date: 11-15 February 2020

Location: Parma

This ISP aims to develop and test new language teachers’ mobility schemes to improve multi-language skills of opera students. Native Russian speakers and educated singers teachers and students from Riga will visit Parma to teach in a worksop/masterclass setting and explore the possible use of the material, of various learning methods and of organizational models.

EOALAB partner Parma hosted the LTT activity C11- C12 (“Russian Week”) between 11 and 15 February 2020, organized by WG3 and attended by 11 teachers and over 30 students. Three teachers and four students from Riga came to Parma to work with the Italian teachers and students. About 30 students, (singers and pianists) experimented together to deepen the study of Russian language in singing. The focus lay on collective experimentation, active learning, student-centered approaches and combining levels in small groups and exchanging roles of teacher and student. Each day several small groups worked in parallel. Each student had the opportunity to choose different groups in methodology and composition. The week included two concerts, which involved students. The last day was dedicated to interviews and feedback of the participants.

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