Preview Festival Vilnius

ISP 3:

Date: 19-24 January 2020

Location: Vilnius

This ISP will be held in conjunction with the Experimental Opera Incubator module offered by LMTA within the EOA programme in April 2020. The Incubator invites opera singers, musicians and composers to develop strong creative concepts related to opera as “voice in (urban) landscape” in a contemporary context. Selected authors of projects will be invited to the Incubator for concept development, creative interdisciplinary collaboration and realization of the creative project in a chosen venue in Vilnius. kll
The ISP will include a group of students from all the 7 partner HEIs who will actively participate the whole week: they will visit the rehearsals and performances, they will interview their peers who perform the operas on the content and on the collaborative learning methods.
To create a good balance in the program two professional experts in the field of new opera will be involved as invited teachers.

PREVIEW VILNIUS took place for five days at LMTA in Vilnius between 19 to 24 January 2020. 14 Teachers (6 from Vilnius, 4 from Maastricht, 4 from Porto), and 22 students from each partner academy, participated. This LTT had similar elements as the first ISP, yet followed a modified approach, including learnings taken from the first ISP and including the “Experimental Opera Incubator” module. Students from all WG2 partners created new works, were coached by professional directors and musicians and presented results in a public performance. The ISP was embedded in a program of workshops, discussions and activities. WG2 teachers participated as teachers, presented lectures and lead discussions. Video documentation including interviews of students and teachers and was created. A survey collected feedback (quotes under section 9, impact) which was taken for the IO and planning of the next ISP.

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