Multiplier Event 1

EOA Pre Conference Session – AEC Congress 2020

Date: 3-6 November 2020

Location: Online

On November 3 and 6, 2020, the first Multiplier Event of the EOALAB was held as part of the AEC Congress, “Going On(line) – Connecting Communities in the Digital Age” – as planned in the application, but it had to be delivered as an online event. The AEC annual Congress represents the biggest international event in the higher music education (HME) sector, and is the place where teachers, management and students from all over Europe, share and discuss ideas how to further develop, innovate and modernise the sector. After the halt to the project due to Covid, it was impossible to present a realised IO. However, all IO’s were presented and the format of information and discussion / knowledge exchange has proven very valuable and has enabled the participants to already start using the IO’s in their draft format. In total 405 people took part in the event: from heads of music/vocal department, directors, lecturers to  students: all professionals from the music education field.  

The project and IO’s were shared in three ways:

Workshop EOALAB @ Impulse

The first online session on November 3rd, 2020 was a pre-conference session, focusing on the three objectives of the research part of the EOALAB entitled “Impulse! – strengthening institutional collaboration to create opera training of the future”. The topic was: “What needs to change in opera education to prepare students for future careers? How can it embrace innovative ways of learning and teaching? Which opportunities does it provide for HMEIs to collaborate across borders?” The presentation was held by all three WGs, who gave insight in their findings, in the content and methodology of the IO’s they were working on, shared best practices and stimulated the discussion around opera education of the future 

‏‏‎ Recording Session Co-operate! 

The second session was titled “CoOPERAte – how to connect, create and collaborate in opera education beyond lockdown, from the European Opera Academy project perspective”. Five members of EOALAB (PARMA, ESMAE, ZUYD, STOCKHOLM and AP) discussed the consequences of the pandemic for an art form that nurtures proximity, live and physical artistic co-creation, feedback and interaction, and the effects this might have on a project like EOALAB. Also the question was raised how creative collaboration and student centered learning across borders can be continued under these circumstances. This session presented and explored ways to continue collaboration, in and beyond future opera education.

Last but not least, the EOALAB was presented in the Information Gallery through a pre-recorded video. This video was sent around before the AEC Conference to all participants that have signed up, for a preview. It was also broadcasted during the networking moments


More information about this video and the other sessions can be found in the Final report of the AEC conference, including the link to the video that was sent around.