Multiplier Event 2

The second Multiplier Event was organized during the 48th AEC Annual Congress 2021:  

Pre-Conference seminar ‘EOALAB – make, collaborate, share!Perspectives on shared education using results of European Opera Academy’s EOALAB’, on 4 November 2021 (9:30 to 13:00). The Multiplier Event was originally planned during the Opera Europa 2021 conference, but due to a delay in the development of the IOs and the extension of the project, a dissemination session was organised at the Opera Europa conference and the AEC Congress was chosen for the Multiplier Event, as it offered the most opportunities to reach the target audience of EOALAB’s outputs. 

The seminar consisted of three parts: 1/ a plenary informative session about EOALAB: its philosophy, its three key outputs, and a reflection on the process and results, 2/ interactive sessions in groups focusing on each of the three project outputs: shared education, construction of a module for blended teacher/student exchange and innovation of education through experiments with professional collaboration and helping the participants to explore how they could concretely make use of the project outputs, and 3/ a final plenary session to report back and share ideas and further inspiration. The discussion with participants addressed the impact that the EOALAB results can have on institutions, curricula, and opera training. A detailed description of the session can be found here.

Links to the PowerPoint presentation, the teaser of the project and the Manual feature in the conference report that has been sent out 400+ people.  

Organising the ME during the Congress enabled the project to be presented to an even larger audience: EOALAB was presented in the Parallel session ‘Bridging institutions: how to set up simple joint subjects and modules between HEI’s – examples from European Opera Academy and 2 other projects’ on Friday 5 November 2021 from 12:00h–13:15h. The session digged into best examples of how collaboration on an international level between HEI’s can be successful. EOALAB served as one of the three best practices (see AEC Conference report, page 24). In addition, in the information market at the AEC Congress, the project was ‘advertised’ (through a presentation and a stand) among all participants that were taking part in the conference.  



EOA Congress 2021 –  Final Report

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