Zuyd University of Applied Sciences – Conservatorium Maastricht

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is an institution of higher education with ca. 1650 employees and 14000 students. Zuyd aims at research, development and transfer of high-quality and practically-oriented knowledge and skills, for the development of tomorrow’s professionals. It offers a wide range of education and research programs, the faculty of arts being an integral part of their portfolio. Zuyd’s strategy is to interlink education and research with the professional environment and aims to involve students at all stages. The geographical location in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion and at the intersection of Germany, Belgium, France and The Netherlands is the perfect basis for Zuyd’s European and international ambitions.

Conservatorium Maastricht is part of Zuyd’s art faculty. Conservatorium Maastricht offers programs in all musical disciplines on the highest level of the official national education system in The Netherlands as well as international level (pre-education, bachelors and masters level). In 2017, Conservatorium Maastricht has been awarded the certificate for quality in internationalisation by the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA). The European Opera Academy was initiated by Conservatorium Maastricht as an ambitious platform of music academies that exchange best practices in music theatre and opera education for young professionals.